Churchesfire was established in 1992 by our current Managing Director Paul Topley, who has had a lifelong commitment to excellent customer service and value for money.Paul Topley MD

The company was initially a service contractor for fire extinguishers and associated fire fighting products. However, it quickly became apparent to us that many customers were not receiving the level of service they required from their fire alarm service supplier, and we diversified to satisfy the demand. Today, the fire alarm division is larger than our fire extinguisher business.

Within two years, we achieved BAFE and BSI accreditation after rigorous reviews, both of which have been maintained unblemished ever since. Churchesfire employees sit on the IFEDA committee and FIA Fire Risk Assessors’ Council.

We soon realised that the industry was serviced by one or two very large national organisations and a multitude of very small ones. Larger customers were faced with staying with often complacent large suppliers delivering mediocre service at an inflated price, or switching to a small organisation that though keen to please, did not have the resources to provide a consistently acceptable service.  Our reputation for quality and value soon spread and we established a niche with councils and other customers with large or multiple sites.

As fire legislation continued to increase and become more onerous, we responded with more services to satisfy customer demand – particularly with those utilising more than one supplier who were suffering from gaps in some areas and overlaps in others, an expensive and potentially disastrous situation.  

Whilst Churchesfire has been growing and developing, we have seen a corresponding revolution in information and communication technology. We have fully embraced this, with massive ongoing investments to enable instant communication with technicians, customers and suppliers together with state-of-the-art data collection, storage and retrieval enabling the provision of customer management information unrivalled by anyone in our industry.

Heavy and continuous investment in recruitment and employee development has resulted in a highly professional and motivated team who are expert not only in their personal field but equally as committed to customer service as our Managing Director. This is why today, we provide the full range of fire protection services to more than 12,000 customer sites nationwide.