Corporate Responsibility Policy

Churchesfire aims to establish and preserve a reputation for integrity and fair dealing in all matters. We believe that such a reputation is essential to the long-term wellbeing of our Company, its employees, customers, suppliers and the community in which it operates. There are seven key areas:


At Churchesfire we have adopted a green approach to business throughout our history, our current practices and our future policy.  Every development or progressive step has had a positive environmental impact from the changing of how we rack our vans so they are lighter to conserve fuel, to intelligent lighting in the office to conserve power and the most radical and expensive change was to move to a completely paperless environment, not even a post it note remains.  We believe in minimising our carbon footprint, not just in words but in practice and building this also, where possible, through our supply and customer chains. 


At Churchesfire we conduct all transactions with fairness and honesty. Promises and commitments will not be given which we do not have the intention to fulfil, or for which we do not have the resources to meet. All transactions and financial reporting by Churchesfire shall be carried out with due observance of relevant laws and regulations.


We periodically review employee policies applicable to our business in accordance with the principles of this social and ethical policy.  Going further we operate policies which enable sharing of ideas and knowledge to better our services to all our stakeholders.  Diversity and equality is embraced as an integral part of the operation of the business, strong beliefs that diversity brings new and fresh ideas is championed through all areas of the business. 

Customers and Suppliers

Our ethical behaviour at Churchesfire is dependent on the way in which individual employees conduct business with our customers and suppliers on our behalf.  Our staff are required to ensure that 'acting on behalf of the company' includes the overriding requirement to uphold the Company's reputation for observing the highest ethical standards in all matters, including the procurement of goods and services from reputable suppliers.  We believe in partnerships with suppliers to ensure long standing relationships, ones which are valued and free speaking.  We acknowledge that these partnerships bring benefits to both parties and ensure that any issues can be resolved quickly and effectively.  Our partnership programme has allowed us to sustain long lasting, professional, relationships and we have watched our partners grow as we have.   


Here at Churchesfire we aim to work with and support the local communities in which we operate in so far as they impact on the local natural and social environment.  The staff enjoy getting involved in local projects across the UK and sponsorship of causes close to their hearts are supported.  We choose not to offer funding to customer causes due to our Anti-bribery policy, we do however freely give our time in volunteer activities. Staff have participated in the Wrekin Golf Society Charity golf day in recent years, with the 2017 event raising over £4000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Management of Policy

Our policies are determined by our collective Management Team and shall be kept under review. The implementation of the policy is the responsibility of the collaborative teams and compliance is kept under review to ensure that the principles of our policy are reflected throughout the business.   


Social and ethical issues and Churchesfire’s performance are matters of key interest to its stakeholders. We communicate openly about these matters and are happy to discuss this freely.