We have expanded to our present size and structure organically, but also by making a number of carefully considered strategic acquisitions. If you own a fire protection business and are considering an exit or sale, we would be interested in hearing from you. Our experience and expertise in this area enable us to make the whole process as swift and simple as possible:

  • Following initial contact we engage in a brief overview conversation to find out more about your business and confirm that both parties wish to progress to the next stage
  • To enable us to make the best possible offer we will need to see your figures, customer lists and other sensitive information. Prior to your providing this information we enter into a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which legally restricts both access to and use of non public business information
  • Following receipt of the relevant satisfactory information, we will make an offer for your business
  • If our offer is accepted, Heads of Terms will be agreed
  • We will conduct Due Diligence to confirm the validity of the information you have provided. This can be carried out during the evening or weekend if discretion is required
  • The full contract is issued and agreed and the monies paid
  • We are a well funded company so raising money is not an issue. You will naturally be excluded from starting a competing business within a defined geography and time period. We work closely with new staff who are protected by the TUPE regulations, and for whom becoming part of a larger organisation creates great new opportunities.


Those who have sold their businesses, including some who approached us following breakdown of negotiations with others, can vouch for our honesty and integrity:

“Having failed to reach an agreement with two well know national companies I was delighted to deal with Churchesfire. They kept it simple and straightforward, met my financial requirements – all in all a pain free exercise. I only wish I had spoken to them first.”
Glenn Russell, former proprietor of Russell Fire Ltd

“I found Paul Topley, Managing Director of Churchesfire, a man of high integrity, open and honest and very easy to deal with. He delivered on all of his promises.”

Brian Saunders, former proprietor of BRS Fire Protection Ltd

“We have spent many years growing our business and are very proud of what we have achieved. As a relatively small regional company we have searched for the best way forward for our customers and staff. We believe that in Churchesfire we have found that solution, with their national coverage, wider product / service base and undoubted professionalism Churchesfire will enhance the service offered. We are entirety comfortable that our clients are in very good hands.”
Gordon Bolton, former Managing Director of Singcare Ltd (trading as Marbco)

Contact us regarding your business

If you have a fire protection business and would like to speak with us regarding it's sale, please contact us using the form below: